Air Scalers

Light weight, easy plug and use autoclavable
air scalers with a optimum results and comfort

The AX series Air Scalers provides the user a wide power range and an extensive tip range for a wide variety of applications ranging from general scaling and root canal irrigation to minimally invasive procedures. The wide range of applications, comfortable grip and ease of maintenance makes this air scaler the instrument as the first choice for dentists and hygienists alike. The sleek and seamless design of the AX series Air Scalers makes it really comfortable to handle even during long procedures whilst allowing for excellent visibility of the application area at all times.

The ultra mini head | SUPER SLIM BODY | expanded operational visibility| greater flexibility


  • Extensive tip range for a wide range of applications
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort.
  • Smaller body to enhance wider reach with precision.
  • Plug and use Air drive – connects directly to the 2/4 hole tube of the dental unit.
  • Easy to adjust the air pressure as per your requirement.
  • Metal handle – effectively avoids the cross infection – autoclavable.
  • No electromagnetic radiation.
  • Lower noise and skip down.
  • Unique work tips changer makes it easier to adapt with EMS or with other compatible brand work tips.
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