Convenient, Strong, Economical and High Performance Ortho-bonding Adhesives

Sicher ortho-bonding adhesive features superior bonding characterics which is ideal for metal and ceramic composite appliances.

  • Quick ceramic/metal bracket cure
  • Extended working time allows precise bracket placement
  • Immediate bond strength allows archwire to be tied in immediately following cure
  • Efficient bonding and re-bonding of ceramic and metal brackets saves time
  • Pre-loaded syringes or capsules means no wasted materials
  • Excellent handling properties, including no bracket drift and easy flash clean-up

BOND PLUS LX-1000 (Lightcure Bonding)

 Bond Plus Light Cure Adhesive bonds metal and ceramic brackets to tooth surfaces. This adhesive uses light cure adhesive technology to provide the user with an additional working time to ensure accurate bracket placement. The viscosity of Bond Plus adhesive is designed to prevent adhesive run-on and bracket that saves you money and reduces adhesive waste. The Bond Plus adhesive’s quick cure provides for immediate archwire tie-in so it’s reduce the procedure time

BOND PLUS SX-1000 (Lightcure Bonding)

Bond Plus – SX1000 is a no-mix, Self Cure Adhesive that provides superior bond strength and drift proof bracket placement. Can be used to bond metal, ceramic brackets. The kit includes 3 syringes of 3.5 gm each, 10ml Primer, 3.5 gm Etchant Syringe. Since this adhesives is not required mixing. Process time is reduced and the high tack paste minimizes bracket placement. Designed for bonding all type of metal & Ceramic brackets. Not recommended for  Plastic Brackets

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